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Go frameless.

Qvido eyecare technology iphone camera

Qvido Light

Come with us as we define the future of lens fitting with Qvido Light. Through new technologies like the time-of-flight (ToF) camera, you’ll be able to determine precise and accurate PD values without a fitting frame. That means high-quality measurements, even quicker and easier. Just let us know you're interested in the upcoming release of Qvido Light. We'll keep you in the know.

Qvido eyecare technology innovation team

Innovative team

We work tirelessly, exploring tech innovations for our high-precision solutions. To make vision correction easier, more precise and enjoyable for our partner opticians. And if that means we have to play around with new technologies, then so be it. You won’t hear us complain.

Qvido eyecare technology robot

Meet our robot

Not only are we a team of highly educated experts, we also have the most modern technologies and equipment at our fingertips. Our robot supports in quality assurance, research, and testing of the newest technologies and acceptance procedures.

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