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Lens fitting with cutting edge precision.
For the modern optician.

Qvido eyecare technology VZS app

Razor sharp precision

You’re the expert. No one knows your customers better than you do. Qvido simply enhances lens fitting with modern technology and excellent digital precision.

  • Monocular PD with an error of less than 0.5 mm
  • Eye convergence correction
  • Auto-correction for distance and head rotation
  • Quality assurance with validated measurements
The Qvido fitting frame – a patented reference tool that helps maximize your accuracy and precision.

The Qvido Fitting Frame – a physical reference tool for heightened performance and reliability.

Qvido eyecare technology optician

For every optician

You’ll impress and delight your customers from day one. The tablet app is straightforward and easy to use. And the Qvido Fitting Frame is quickly secured to glasses of all shapes and sizes. So that customer consultations are seamless right from the start.

Simple steps

The Qvido app runs on your iPad. With the support of our patented fitting frame and innovative algorithms, you can take accurate and precise measurements from a comfortable distance.

Qvido eyecare technology position customer

Position customer

Secure the fitting frame to the selected glasses and have the customer stand naturally.

Qvido eyecare technology measure


Use frontal and profile photos of the customer to determine the customer’s values.

Qvido eyecare technology validate results

Validate results

Using the values you’ve produced, mark the optical center of the lenses and confirm.

Qvido eyecare technology eye

Accurate results

  • Monocular pupillary distance (PD) - left/right

  • Fitting height left/right

  • Vertex distance

  • Pantoscopic angle

  • Frame wrap angle

  • Lens height and lens width

  • Lens diameter

Reliable performance

Produce accurate values every single time. The Qvido Fitting Frame undergoes rigorous quality testing via robotics and laser technology. So that together with the app's computer vision algorithms, your results are accurate and reliable.

Qvido eyecare technology subscription

Flexible subscription

  • 79.95 €* monthly per installation

  • 59.95 €* one-time per fitting frame

  • Trial period of 3 months for 29.95 €* monthly + fitting frame

    *plus VAT

Get started with the trial period of 3 months and smoothly transition to a monthly subscription. Right from the start, you’re free to take as many measurements as you like – whenever and wherever.

Join the thousands

Become one of the many opticians that we collaborate with worldwide. Take part as we increase standards of precision and accuracy, and drive innovation.

Data and feedback from over 8,000 installations world-wide


Currently producing over 4 million measurements per year

4 mio.

Still have questions?

How accurate is Qvido?

Exceptionally accurate. All optometric centration values can determined by Qvido with the specified possible precision of 0.1 mm or degrees. Monocular PD results have an error of less than 0.5 mm compared to manual measurements. And we’re continuously testing our fitting frames and algorithms to maximize accuracy.

Will I have to double-check the results?

No, it won't be necessary to double-check your results with another tool like a pupillometer. A quality check is already part of the Qvido experience.

With the help of the Qvido template, you'll use the customer’s values to mark the optical center of the lenses. Then you'll validate your results with the customer and adjust if necessary.

Will this add time or work to my customer consultations?

Absolutely not. In fact, if you are currently taking and recording measurements manually, you’ll not only speed up the process by digitizing your measurements. You’ll also reduce the potential for human error. And as you know, you won't need to double-check the results, as your expertise is an essential part of the process.

Does Qvido work with an order management system?

Yes, it does. Integrating Qvido into your existing order management system will help you transfer customer values quicker and easier.

Ready to get started?